Carreño and American Ballet Theatre to Premiere Works in Cuba

Cuban dancer Jose Manuel Carreño and leading figures from the American Ballet Theatre (ABT) are debuting several repertoire pieces here today as part of the Havana dance party, closing on Wednesday.

Carreño, principal dancer with the group for 15 years and now an independent artist, brought together figures from the U.S ballet corps to delight Cuban audiences, including “Transparency” accompanied by Melanie Hamrick.

One of the most awaited moments is the version of “Tarantella,” by the Georgian choreographer George Ballanchine and “Romeo and Juliet,” with the dancers Hee Seo and Alex Hammoudi in the lead roles.

The U.S company is debuting “La pluie,” by Annabelle Lopez and “5 variations on a Theme” by David Fernandez, with Joaquin de Luz in the leading role.

His tributes to the music of Argentina and especially the composer Astor Piazzola will comprise another of his works, as well as an homage to Charles Aznavour, the “French Frank Sinatra,” in a piece to be performed by Carreño and prima ballerina Paloma Herrera.

Nearing its end, the 23 International Ballet Festival of Havana offers a meeting of ballet and contemporary dancers from around the world.

Several companies leapt on stage, including two French companies; the Malandain Ballet from Biarritz and the Preljocaj Ballet, as well as stars from the New York City Ballet.



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